Notice Board

Multiple Open Positions: Multiple GRA/GTA positions open in our newly formed Security, Privacy and Reliability Lab (). The following are some of the topics of our current interest.

  • Automated software verification for security and correctness.
  • Software specialization for performance and security.
  • Internet measurement of security and privacy problems.
  • Rethinking the security of parallel and distributed systems.
  • Privacy-preserving techniques for emerging applications.
  • Adversarial machine learning in software security.

If you are interested in working with me, please send me your CV, research interest and a paragraph on why do you want a PhD.

What am I looking for?

I am looking for self-motivated, hard-working and proactive students with exceptional programming and analytical abilities. Following qualities will be considered as a plus (not required).

  • Experience with math olympiad or competitive programming.
  • Multiple years of system-level programming experience.
  • Exceptional writing and presentation skills (publications in competitive venues).
  • Prior experience in computer security.

Why University of Arizona CS?

CS@UofA is ranked as 43rd by USNEWS. We are committed to provide you an exceptional environment to shine, with the care and support of some exceptional research and teaching faculties. University of Arizona (UofA) is a flagship public university located in Tucson. UofA is ranked in the top 25 in 2018 in research expenditures among all public universities in the USA. Tucson is a very beautiful and vibrant city. In Arizona, summer is typically hot but winter is cozy and enjoyable.

Why Security, Privacy and Reliability Lab ()?

The primary mission of our lab is to create field-transforming knowledge and world-class researchers. Throughout your Ph.D. journey, I will provide extensive training to sharpen your problem finding, problem formulation, communication, and leadership skills. I will actively help to prepare you (and package your profile) for academic or industry research positions. Last but not the least, I am compassionate, understanding, and fun to work with. To know more about our lab, work environment, and culture, please feel free to contact our existing or former members.

Current Student Members

PhD Students:

Ahmad Musa (University of Arizona)


Aman Bhatia (University of Arizona)

Jesse Chen (University of Arizona)

Current and Former Student Collaborators

PhD Students:

Mazharul Islam (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Myles Frantz (Virginia Tech)

Ya Xiao (Virginia Tech)

Sharmin Afrose (Virginia Tech)

[PhD '19] Fahad Shaon (University of Texas at Dallas -> Data Security Technologies)

[PhD '18] Ke Tian (Virginia Tech -> Microsoft)

MS Students:

Myles Frantz (Virginia Tech)

[MS '17] Hannah Roth (Virginia Tech -> Mitre)


Department of Computer Science, Gould-Simpson, Room 917, 1040 E 4th St, Tucson, AZ - 85721.